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Credit Card Terminals

Atlas Payment Processing offers merchants the largest selection of credit card terminals on the market. If you are looking for a new credit card machine for you business, we can help you decide what terminal is best suited for your business at the lowest cost.

All of our credit card terminals are 100% PCI compliant and come to you fully loaded. We support all communication types including standard telephone lines, Ethernet, WiFi and wireless. Accepting credit cards at your business or on the go has never been easier.

Standard Credit Card Machine (Analogue)

A standard credit card machine communicates to the network via dial up, or a standard telephone line. Using a dial up terminal was the only option for merchants in the past. The terminal connects to a standard telephone line and dials out for authorization and settlement. These are the least expensive terminals on the market today.

Ethernet or Internet Credit Card Machine (IP)

This type of terminal looks just like a standard credit card terminal, except it uses an Ethernet connection to connect to the Internet in order to process transactions and receive authorizations. These terminals are significantly faster than a traditional dial up/analogue terminal. You can receive authorizations quickly, which can help improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. We offer wholesale cost on Internet credit card machines from multiple providers in our network.

WiFi Credit Card Machine

Most of the Internet credit card machines today also support WiFi. Now you can take your terminal on the go, without paying additional wireless fees, and process transactions wherever there is a Wifi signal. Keep in mind, Internet credit card machines with WiFi still require a power source. If you need to process credit cards without plugging a terminal into a power source, then a wireless credit card machine is the best solution for you.

Wireless Credit Card Machine

A wireless credit card machine works off of GPRS, GSM and WiFi, giving you the widest coverage area possible. By combining GPRS and GSM technology, these devices will work in more places than any mobile phone on the market. The wireless credit card machines also have rechargeable batteries so there is no need to plug them into a power source.

Credit Card Machine Brands Available at Atlas Payment Processing

  • Exadigm
  • First Data
  • Thales
  • Hypercom (Equinox)
  • Ingenico
  • Magtek
  • Nurit
  • Verifone
  • Way Systems

To get a credit card machine that best suits your business or to learn more about our credit card processing equipment options, visit our apply now page or call our toll free number today!

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