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Check Readers


Mag-Tek Mini MICR

Mini MICR reads real-world checks with the highest accuracy in the industry. Mini MICR’s rugged and durable design will provide years of daily use. With over 1 million check readers installed worldwide, Mini MICR is in service today with major retailers and financial institutions reading billions of checks annually. The MICR data is automatically read from checks in a quick, single-pass. Transaction time and manual entry errors are significantly reduced. Mini MICR can easily format the MICR data to match any application input requirements. Mini MICR’s horseshoe design creates the smallest footprint with no additional counter space required to allow for check movement




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Ingenico eN-Check 2500

Quiet, efficient & accurate – 3 words that describe the most versatile check reader on the market today

Continuing the tradition of providing the highest performance check readers in the industry, Ingenico designed the eN-Check 2500™ with an array of superior features for bank branches, retailers, restaurants and any other business that accepts paper direct. Its ergonomic modifications enhance its appearance and improve its read rate. Its compact size, installation options and versatile operation allow it to be placed virtually anywhere. Its intuitive check staging area and increased processing speed make it the check reader of choice for improving customer service and reducing fraud


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