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Domestic High Risk Merchant Accounts

What is a Domestic High Risk Merchant Account?
Many business owners that need a high risk merchant account are confused as to whether they need a domestic account or an offshore account. At Atlas Payment Processing, we offer both domestic and offshore high risk merchant accounts.

A “domestic merchant account” means a bank in the United States is providing the settlement services for your transactions. The advantages of a domestic merchant account are simple, funding times and pricing. Typical funding times for a domestic merchant account are 24-72hrs, whereas, an offshore merchant account typically funds weekly, one week in arrears.

The rates and fees for a domestic high risk merchant account are generally less expensive than an offshore account, however, there are select business types that will benefit from lower rates by going offshore such as Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs).

How do I Know Whether I need a Domestic or Offshore Account?
At Atlas Payment Processing we can help you decide what type of account will be best for your business. There are certain businesses that do not qualify for a domestic merchant account. There are ten (10) domestic banks in the Atlas Payment Processing network, more than any other processing network in the country.

Below are a few of the high risk business types that can get a domestic merchant account from Atlas Payment Processing:

Adult Dating Sites
Adult Novelties & Toys
Adult Online Content
Auction Houses
Bad Credit
Beauty Products
Boat Dealers
Collections Agencies
Credit Repair
Diet Programs
Head Shops/Smoke Shops
Internet Start Ups
Magazine Subscriptions
Marketing & SEO
Medical Marijuana
Membership Clubs
Moving Companies
Negative Renewal/Trial Offer
Online Guns/Firearms
Online Dating
Pawn Shops
Real Estate & Mortgage
Sports Memorabilia
Subscription Services
Travel Agencies
Timeshare Related Business
Travel & Tour
Web Design

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for a Domestic High Risk Merchant Account?
At Atlas Payment Processing we can have you accepting credit cards through a domestic merchant account in 24-hours or less. We have instant approval merchant accounts that can help your high risk business get approved faster than any other high risk provider on the market.

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