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Offshore High Risk Merchant Accounts

What is an Offshore High Risk Merchant Account?
An “offshore merchant account” means that a bank outside of the United States is providing the settlement services for your transactions. Offshore merchant accounts offer virtually unlimited processing volumes. Most domestic banks offer limited processing volumes to high risk business types. Many “high risk merchants” need a “high volume merchant account”, an offshore merchant account is a great way for business owners to get the processing volume they need.

The rates and fees for an offshore high risk merchant account are generally higher than a domestic merchant account. The funding times can also be a disadvantage to an offshore account. Traditionally transactions are funded weekly, one week in arrears.

What are the Rates and Fees for an Offshore Merchant Account?
The rates for offshore merchant accounts vary between 4.49% to 10% depending on the risk of the business. When signing up for an offshore merchant account, you are not committed to anything until you agree to an offer from an offshore banking partner. We will work to get you the lowest rates and fees for your merchant account.

How do I Know Whether I need a Domestic or Offshore Account?
At Atlas Payment Processing we can help you decide what type of account will be best for your business. There are certain businesses that do not qualify for a domestic merchant account. At Atlas Payment Processing we have an extensive network of banking partners across the globe. We streamline the offshore application process, and we can provide multiple offers from multiple banking partners.

Below are a few of the high risk business types that require an offshore high risk merchant account:

Adult Escort Services
Advance Payments Greater than a Year
Auction Sites (Penny Auction Websites)
Bidding Fee Auctions (Penny Auctions)
Charities without 501c3
Continuity/Free Trial
Free Trial Electronic Cigarettes
Gambling & Online Casinos
Herbal Incense
High Volume Nutraceuticals
Merchants on TMF
Online Pharmacy
PrePaid Debit Cards

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for an Offshore High Risk Merchant Account?
Unfortunately getting set up for an offshore merchant account can take some time. The entire process can take 3-4 weeks to get fully approved , gateway set up and integrated. At Altlas Payment Processing we strive to work as fast as possible to get your offshore account set up, however the International banking system works much slower in processing applications than domestic banks here in the US.

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