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We are a full service merchant account and payment gateway provider, providing the ability to accept debit / credit
card payments for Internet, mobile, mail/phone order, and retail businesses. Atlas Payment Processing is dedicated
to providing the highest level of service in the industry.

Merchant Account for Retail Business

Atlas Payment Processing is where retail business owners go to save the most money on merchant services. As a retail business owner you qualify for the lowest merchant account rates, compared to other business types such as Internet or telephone sales.

We can save retail business owners as much as 70% on their merchant account, coupled with superior products that will serve to increase sales and improve your bottom-line. 

Credit card processors classify merchant accounts by the way in which a merchant transacts a credit card sale. A retail merchant account is an account that is set-up under the assumption that the merchant is going to swipe at least 80% of their total credit card transactions through a credit card terminal. In order to qualify as a retail merchant you will need to have the customer present with you at least 80% of the time so that you can physically swipe their credit card. If you do not think you will be able to classify as a retail merchant you should consider a mail order merchant account, or an Internet merchant account. If you are not sure which account best fits your business, please contact our office for assistance.

Why are the rates and fees lower for a retail merchant account than for an Internet or Mail order merchant account?

A retail merchant account is considered by credit card processors to be the lowest risk way of transacting credit card sales. Processors assume this because the customer and the credit card are going to be present when a sale is made, greatly reducing the risk of credit card fraud and chargebacks. With the lower risk also comes lower rates and fees.

Retail Credit Card Processing Solutions

State-of-the-Art Credit Card Terminals: We provide our merchants with the most updated equipment, allowing our merchants to be smartcard capable with the ability to utilize all our services when required. 

Gift and Loyalty Card Programs: Our retail merchants can also take advantage of our gift and loyalty card program, including displays and marketing material.

Durbin Amendment Rates: With new legislation that has recently passed Congress, retail merchants can now experience much lower rates for bank issued debit cards. Take advantage of the lower rates today by signing up for a retail merchant account with Atlas Payment Processing.

Apply Now for a retail merchant account and start accepting credit cards today!

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