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Accept Credit Cards From Anywhere

Wireless credit card processing technology can increase sales, save time, reduce operating expenses and offer new flexibility and opportunities for all merchants, but particularly those whose business takes them outside the traditional retail environment. Add or update your wireless capabilities through Atlas Payment Processing with our Web-based centralized payment processing system to transform your business into a 100% mobile operation.

Key benefits

Consider the following benefits of wireless credit card processing:

  • Today’s wireless credit card terminals are so compact, lightweight and portable that you can carry them in your pocket.
  • Wireless credit card machines can accept cards wherever you do business, including outside sporting events, trade shows, craft shows and other venues that used to be cash only. The days of checks or cash-only transactions are over — and that can mean additional sales for your business!
  • Wireless credit card processing lets you forget about phone lines all together.
  • Swiping credit cards through a terminal qualifies you for lower processing rates, which can mean potential savings each month for your business.
  • Wireless credit card processing gives you the same access to credit card authorization networks as a brick-and-mortar retail business, plus the mobility to pursue sales wherever they may be.
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