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Mobile Commerce


Turn your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device into a point of sale terminal, so you can close a sale anywhere—quickly and securely. Credit card processing  is available on both Android and Apple devices and can help take customer service to a whole new level using full terminal capabilities and built-in service-oriented features.

Featured in Apple’s national television commercials and advertising, Credit Card capability for the iPhone is the hottest way to accept all major credit cards for your mobile business.

Getting started is easy. Once you have your merchant account approved, download the free app from the Android Market or Apple App Store and get your Mobile encrypting reader that plugs into your device’s audio jack. 

  • Secure – Keep transactions secure with the encrypting reader. All transaction data is encrypted, so card data is never stored on your mobile device.
  • Cost-Effective – Ability to process your transactions at the Qualified Rate, so you do not get stuck paying more with a ‘one-price-fits-all’ rate.
  • Reliable – Ensure you never miss a sale.  
  • Convenient – Designed to meet the specific needs of a merchant with all the functionality available in a typical payment terminal.  

Our Mobile processing accepts all major card brands via card swipe or manual entry:

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover® 
  • American Express® Corporate cards 

Compatible with: 

  • Android 
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch 
  • iPad 

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