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Wireless Credit Card Processing

In recent years, there have been major advancements in mobile payment processing. Business owners can now accept payments on wireless devices including wireless credit card terminals, iPhone and iPads, Android phones and more.

Processing credit cards in a mobile environment allows merchants to be more responsive to their customers needs, and can open up new streams of revenue. Wireless credit card processing also saves business owners money, by swiping a customers credit card at the time of the sale or purchase, merchants pay the lowest possible Interchange rates.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

A wireless credit card terminal is just like a standard credit card machine, except it does not require a power cord, telephone line or Internet connection. A wireless credit card terminal uses a GPRS or GSM connection to transmit information. By using cellular technology, wireless credit card terminals work virtually everywhere your cell phone would work.

The latest wireless terminals also support WiFi, so if you are in a location that does not have cellular coverage, but does have WiFi, then you can still process credit card transaction.

iPhone – iPad – Android Phone Processing

The latest form of mobile credit card processing is done through a smart phone. Today’s mobile phone technology allows for secure payment processing through these popular devices. This type of credit card processing solution is designed primarily for micro merchants, or merchants processing less than $5000 per month.

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