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Merchant Cash Advance


Atlas Payment Processing has helped thousands of small businesses in today’s economic environment to obtain the working capital required to stabilize, grow and take advantage of opportunities. We provide alternative financing solutions to business owners that may have been declined by other sources. We are confident we have more working capital and cash advance solutions than any other brokerage in the market today. A MCA is an intelligent way to get working capital for many small and medium-sized businesses.

A MCA is the purchase of future credit card receivables; it is not a loan. Sometimes called “credit card receivable funding” eligibility for a MCA is primarily based on the strength and consistency of your business’ credit card sales.

For many business owners, an MCA offers benefits that are not available from lenders and other financing sources. For example, while a business owner’s personal credit history may be reviewed for an MCA application, a poor or damaged credit history is not an automatic disqualifier for a business. While many working capital options might take weeks or longer to secure, a Merchant Cash Advance puts money in-hand in as few as three (3) business days.  The MCA is very cash flow friendly to your business, meaning, Atlas Payment Processing only gets paid when you get paid. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the information and resources offered to learn all you can about your business’ potential options for business capital. Contact our office today to find out if a MCA is the right working capital solution for your business’ needs.

Our unmatched network of lenders and unique programs allow us to approve more merchants for higher amounts than our competitors. Even if you have been declined by other “merchant cash advance” companies, we may still be able to help.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

In today’s economy many business owners have less than perfect credit. We accept credit scores below 500! The funding solutions available to our customers is not entirely based on personal credit. We look at the viability of your business. We want to see steady revenue for the last four (4) months.

Tax Lien? Judgment? No Problem!

Atlas Payment Processing is one of the only companies in the country that can provide working capital to businesses with open, unresolved tax liens. We even have programs for business owners with judgments, garnishments etc.

There is no business type, or credit type that we cannot approve. As long as your business does at least $5,000 per month in revenue, you are approved! Atlas Payment Processing can help your small business get the working capital it needs.

Call our office today to speak to a business funding specialist.

How Much Can I Qualify For?

As a general guideline, we can generally advance your business up to 150% of your average monthly sales revenue. We base your average monthly sales revenue on the gross deposits into your business checking account over the last four (4) months. This includes cash, check and credit card deposits. We can advance up to 1 million dollars if your business qualifies.

How Does the Repayment Work?

We have multiple programs, each with their own structure with regard to repayment. Our two most common repayment types are daily percentage holdbacks, or fixed daily payments.

    Percentage Holdback – This is when the lender will hold a certain percentage of your daily credit card sales as repayment towards the advance.

    Fixed Daily Payments – This is when the lender will make daily ACH withdrawals from your business checking account for a fixed amount.

How Fast Can I Get Funded?

Typically we can fund a merchant within 5-7 business days, but it can take as long as ten (10) business days with some of our merchant cash advance programs.


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